Your guide to buying a caravan holiday home

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Choosing the right caravan park

There are many aspects which may influence which park is right for you. Below are some of the questions you need to consider:

What is the journey time?

This is a crucial factor to consider. You will want to have your caravan sited a comfortable travelling distance from your home for all members of your party. If the journey is one that you are not happy to make on a regular basis (or indeed works out quite expensive), then obviously this will affect how often you will use your caravan.

What facilities does the caravan park offer?

Once you have reviewed and narrowed down your selection of possible caravan parks, it’s time to consider what the parks have to offer you, your family and friends. Do you want an “all action” park which offers lots of activities and entertainment for the whole family, do you want a quiet park with very few facilities or do you want something in between? Caravan parks come in all shapes and sizes, offering a range of differing facilities and entertainment, in a variety of environments. Consider the requirements of the people who will be using your caravan. Do you want your park to have daily entertainment throughout the season, shops, bars, a swimming pool, a launderette and a host of other facilities some of the larger caravan parks offer? How important are these facilities to you? If they are important and are not on the caravan park of your choice, how close are the nearest facilities? Take some time to compare what each park has to offer. Remember, your caravan will be your place of retreat, so you need to make sure your choice of park will have everything you and your family need to enjoy yourselves.

Does the park offer any additional benefits for owners?

If you were to buy a caravan at your chosen park, do they offer any owner benefits? For example, if the park has a club or entertainment facilities, do you (and your family and friends) get free entry? If there are restaurants, bars and/or shops, do they offer owners a discount on items purchased? What services are available? Does the park have its own appropriately qualified maintenance team who are able to carry out, or arrange, repairs to be done to your caravan and will they, for example, arrange for your caravan to be drained down for the closed winter season?

Also does the park offer any special events for their owners, such as owner’s only parties, quiz nights, or exclusive sessions within the facilities?

The above are just some of the things to consider when choosing the right caravan park for you.

What does the local area have to offer?

Although what the park has to offer is very important, you also need to have a look at what the surrounding area has to offer. Don’t forget, you will not want to stay on the park all the time, you will want to use the local facilities as well and maybe visit and enjoy the local attractions. Consider your own interests and if the local area meets your needs.

How long is the caravan park open each year?

Most caravan seasons are about 9 months long (1st March through to 30th November). However, each park will have its own Site Licence and may have different dates for opening and closing. Some parks may not open until later in March and close earlier in November, or have an even shorter season. Other parks may have an extended licence, which means that they will stay open longer than 9 months. Check the Site Licence of the park of your choice to make sure the length of season is appropriate for your needs.

How long can I keep my caravan on the pitch or at the caravan park?

Does the caravan park have any age restrictions on the number of years a caravan may remain on the park? Many caravan parks will not allow caravans to remain on their park for more than 10 years (or for a shorter period of time if the caravan is not new), after which they require you to upgrade your caravan or remove it from the park. Check the policy of the caravan park of your choice and consider the options.

We hope you find this Guide helpful. Please note that the Guide is a general guide only to help you consider your options when considering the purchase of a caravan holiday home. As there are many differentials to consider and every caravan, caravan purchase and caravan park will vary (and have their own set of rules), it is important that you take the time to confirm those applicable to you. Should you need further assistance or information then most caravan parks will normally have a small team of sales advisors available to assist; they are a valuable source of information and should be able to answer all of your questions.

Butlins have published this guide as a general fact sheet to assist with caravan ownership.

Butlins cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever, for any omissions, considerations or information, in this guide when using it to purchase a caravan holiday home.

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