Your guide to buying a caravan holiday home

A caravan holiday home

Choosing the right caravan holiday home

When you have a figure in mind that you are comfortable spending on a caravan holiday home and you have chosen the park you want to site it on, the next step is to decide which caravan to buy. Below are some of the considerations that will help you make this decision.

What makes of caravan are available?

Most caravan parks will have some sort of showground where they will display the caravan holiday homes that they currently have available for sale. Most parks will also offer a range of both new and used caravans available for sale. You will need to contact the park of your choice to find out exactly what makes and models of caravans they currently have available to purchase.

Just like cars, there are many makes and models of caravans available, which will vary in price, depending very much on the size and age of the caravan, as well as the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms and/or shower rooms, as well as the quality of the internal features and fittings.

Some of the main caravan manufactures currently include ABI, Atlas, Carnaby, Pemberton, Swift, Victory and Willerby. All of these manufactures have their own websites which will provide you with more information about the individual companies along with details of the current range of caravan models they offer.

Don’t forget, if the caravan park of your choice does not currently have the make and model of caravan you want, and if you are looking to purchase a brand new caravan, you may be able to order a new make and model through the park, directly from the manufacturer.

What features are available within caravan holiday homes?

Today’s static caravans are very different from the caravans of 50 years ago. Most modern caravans have mains water and sewerage, mains electricity, along with either bottled or piped gas. They are well designed, well insulated and offer a choice of two, three or in some cases four bedrooms, along with one or more bathrooms/shower rooms.

The differing makes and models of caravans will also offer a variety of features, ranging from central heating and integrated fridge freezers to dishwashers and washing machines.

Don’t forget, your personal budget will dictate what features will be available to you.

How many bedrooms do caravans have and how many people will they sleep?

Caravans as standard come in either 2 or 3 bedroom models which will sleep up to 6 or 8 people. There are also a few makes and models available that have 4 bedrooms and will sleep up to 10 people.

Usually the bedroom layout consists of one main double room with either one, two, or in some cases, three twin rooms. Additional sleeping for an extra two people is usually available in the form of a pull out bed in the lounge, normally pulling out from the sofa.

Deciding which caravan is best suited for you will depend on what you want from your caravan. How many people will be using the caravan? Is it for your own personal use, along with family and friends, or are you planning to sublet your caravan to bring you additional income? If you are planning on subletting your caravan, remember to consider what your potential guests may require.

It is usually the case that the more bedrooms a caravan has, then the smaller the living areas will be. So you may want to also consider how spacious you need your living area to be as if you have a young family in the caravan, they will probably welcome a larger living area than maybe an older family may need.

How many bathrooms/shower rooms can they have?

Due to their size, the majority of caravans have a shower and not a bath, although there are a limited number of caravans that do offer a bath.

There will be a least one shower room in the caravan, which will normally include a shower, wash hand basin and toilet. Several caravans may offer a small en-suite shower room off the main bedroom, with a wash hand basin and/or toilet, while some of the larger and more expensive caravans may offer the choice of two shower rooms.

Again, it is worth considering how many people will be occupying your caravan, as the more people, then the greater the demand will be for the shower and toilet facilities, especially in the morning.

A new caravan or a pre-owned caravan?

Most parks will have range of used pre-owned caravans available to purchase, as well as a selection of new caravans, usually from a differing selection of manufacturers.

The choice you make will depend on your budget and the choice of caravans available. Like cars, caravans depreciate in value over time and so choosing a used caravan in a good condition may enable you to purchase a higher standard and specification of caravan at a comparably lower cost. However, it is important to bear in mind that used caravans may not come with the benefit of a warranty agreement, which is standard with most new caravans. It is therefore important to check with the park and also your sales paperwork before signing any agreement, to confirm the terms and conditions of any warranty agreement included within the purchase price.

If you decide to purchase a used caravan and you notice some defects, such as a damaged panel or worn upholstery, it is also important to obtain written confirmation of any repairs or replacements that are to be carried out and included as part of the initial purchase price.

We hope you find this Guide helpful. Please note that the Guide is a general guide only to help you consider your options when considering the purchase of a caravan holiday home. As there are many differentials to consider and every caravan, caravan purchase and caravan park will vary (and have their own set of rules), it is important that you take the time to confirm those applicable to you. Should you need further assistance or information then most caravan parks will normally have a small team of sales advisors available to assist; they are a valuable source of information and should be able to answer all of your questions.

Butlins have published this guide as a general fact sheet to assist with caravan ownership.

Butlins cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever, for any omissions, considerations or information, in this guide when using it to purchase a caravan holiday home.

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